Hassell Inclusion Academy

At Hassell Inclusion we have trained digital teams internationally for over 10 years, on-site and remotely.

We believe that digital accessibility thinking, processes and skills need to be embedded within organisations to empower them to do it right every time. Our training courses help you to deliver just that.

Our courses ensure teams are trained in both WCAG and ISO Standards. As lead authors of the new ISO 30071-1, we have unrivalled experience in training you to get the best from it.

All our training can be delivered remotely. Our bespoke training is tailored to your organisation. We also offer a selected number of public courses which are available at a discount until the end of July.

  • A short workshop to help you build the case for, and put inclusion and accessibility right into the heart of your digital products, understand what it takes to embed this across your organisation, and how to use the benefits of digital accessibility to meet your organisation’s business goals.

  • Enables Product Managers, Project Managers and Business Analysts to understand how to play their role in embedding accessibility efficiently throughout the software development lifecycle for sites and apps. Uses case studies of how real projects have got into difficulty in delivering accessibility to understand how to get it right in requirements analysis, test strategy, sprint and launch planning.

  • Leads you through the elements of how to embed accessibility throughout your organisation, to ensure it's implemented consistently well across all of your external sites and apps, and internal digital tools. Covers how to set accessibility policies, get effective training and expert support, and how to govern and measure the Return On Investment of accessibility across your digital product portfolio. Based on Jonathan Hassell's best-selling Inclusive Design for Organisations.

  • Enables Developers to understand the needs and challenges of people with disabilities, and how to apply the latest techniques to create responsive websites that meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, WCAG 2.1 AA.

  • Introduces accessible design checkpoints in WCAG 2.1 AA and enables designers to know how to apply them creatively in their design work, rather than just learning them in isolation.

  • Enables QA testers to progressively introduce elements of WCAG testing into their work. These courses strip away the complexities of WCAG to introduce success criteria/checkpoints that are easy to pick up by testers who never wish to become “experts in WCAG”.

  • Enables content authors to understand accessibility principles, and how to author accessible text, images and media, making best use of the accessibility features available in authoring tools, such as Content Management Systems (e.g. AEM), Social Media (e.g. YouTube), and document creation systems (e.g. PDF creation)

  • Accessibility for Auditors

    Full training (in 2 parts - elementary and advanced) for people wanting to gain accreditation in accessibility auditing of desktop and mobile websites. Provides understanding of all WCAG 2.1 AA success criteria, how to test sites against them efficiently, and how to document findings clearly in audit reports.

  • A comprehensive programme for key staff who you want to become digital accessibility advocates within your organisation. Via 1 session per month, for 12 months, this delivers training and support for implementing your accessibility strategy across its component parts: responsibility, competence and confidence, suppliers, policies and governance.

How people feel about our courses

  • By far the best: After attending a good few of these kind of courses in my consulting life, this one was by far the best I’ve been on. I’d love to have you guys come back again to help us further…
    Designer, Digital Agency in London
  • Should be required for all testers: Fantastic! Should be required training for all testers. Can see the benefits to our team and definite improvements we can make. I now feel more comfortable in testing accessibility and carrying out an audit. The trainer was amazing, the content was perfect.
    QA tester, Bank in Far East
  • Not a minute wasted: The training was great: very detailed and concrete. Pure knowledge, lots of code examples and tricks. There wasn't a minute wasted. Thank you!
    Developer, High-street brand in London

Upcoming public courses

Gain practical skills for you or your team from our accessibility experts

Why learn with us?

  • 1000+ people trained in 2019 alone
  • 10yrs+ experienced trainers in digital accessibility
  • 10+ role-based accessibility training courses
  • 10+ countries trained in

Our training helps you build inclusive design into your organisational competencies and  product process from the beginning  – which is not only more cost effective, but more empowering and satisfying for your teams.

Your accessibility questions answered: Digital Accessibility Experts Live

Covid-19 has bought unprecedented change to the way we live and work. Digital has fast-forwarded 5 years in the last 5 weeks. Digital platforms for consumers and employees have had to adapt rapidly in response. But we need to make sure that, in the rush to get digital delivered, we don’t short-change those with accessibility issues.

In talking to our network and clients at Hassell Inclusion over the recent weeks, it’s clear they’re facing many challenges with this.

So, in response, we’re excited to launch Digital Accessibility Experts Live – a free weekly online webinar running for 4 weeks in May, to give digital leaders an opportunity to ask questions and discuss challenges, as well as get practical advice and tips from our experts who know how to get the benefits out of accessibility, enabling you to respond to and bounce back from this situation.