Empowering organisations globally to embed digital accessibility

At Hassell Inclusion we’re passionate about removing barriers in digital technology, making it accessible to everyone.

That’s why we work with you to activate and embed digital accessibility into both your organisation and products (such as websites and mobile apps), to help you meet your business goals.

Why Digital Inclusion?

At Hassell Inclusion we’re passionate about digital accessibility.

It’s about enabling inclusive web and app user experiences for everyone.

So why should you care about inclusion?

Take these 100 ordinary people…

  • 6 may have difficulty hearing this video
  • 11 may have difficulty reading or even seeing the words
  • 4 may have difficulty using a mouse
  • 18 are likely to be older and may be developing a mixture of all these difficulties
  • And these 5 people who are colour blind and can’t see the colours of these dots like everyone else, so may miss some of the information

Many more may not have an impairment but they will care about someone who does: children, parents, siblings, or a friend.

Or you may have a temporary impairment and use voice recognition if you’ve broken your arm, or when you’re cooking.

People, just like you and me, who can’t finish their online shop, research their family holiday, or do their banking on their phone.

At Hassell Inclusion we’re experts in digital accessibility.

We help you to not just fix a problem, but to embed solutions in your organisation.

Hassell Inclusion – access for everyone.

Get free access to our Webinar Archive in our new membership area HiHub

Membership gives you access to a range of accessibility tips, tools and downloads. This includes the videos of recent webinars such as:

  • Trends in Accessibility in 2021
  • Workplace inclusion: digital accessibility in your employees’ lifecycle
  • Live Audit Demonstration
  • Key accessibility questions for software vendors & digital agencies
  • How to get buy-in for accessibility within your organisation

Our innovation programmes How user research with people with disabilities fuels innovation

“So a cheaper solution that was not created with accessibility in mind solved a problem for you… And an expensive solution that was created with accessibility in mind didn’t help you one little bit…”

This quote is at the heart of why our clients love our innovation programmes.

Without the right user research, a lot of money poured into accessibility can be wasted.

With the right user research, accessibility can help your company innovate for everyone…

How can digital accessibility help you meet your business goals? What’s your digital accessibility maturity score?

If you don’t know where you are, how can you plan for where you’re going?

Based on the new Standard ISO 30071-1, discover your organisations’s Digital Accessibility Maturity score today to:

  • gain clarity on where the gaps are in your accessibility practices,
  • receive personalised advice based on your result on how to improve your score in each of 9 dimensions of accessibility maturity, and
  • stop wasting your time and money focusing on the wrong things…


If you’ve only got 1 hour a month to improve your digital accessibility knowledge, spend it with us! Digital Accessibility Experts Live

Come and join us at our free monthly webinar where each month we will discuss a different topic with our top accessibility experts.

Upcoming webinars:

  • 28th October 2021 – How does accessibility change according to your product? How should your accessibility plans flex depending on what sort of product it is? Do you do accessibility the same for an external information website, a transactional app, a digital productivity tool for your staff, a digital kiosk, or marketing campaign? We’ll look at how your product’s target users and technology platforms should inform your product development process to most efficiently deliver accessibility.

Accessibility isn't just about customers, it's about your staff too... 10 steps to a digitally inclusive workplace

Diversity & Inclusion in the workplace is critical for staff with physical and cognitive disabilities. The digital accessibility of staff tools and content plays a key part in that inclusion.

For International Day of Persons with Disabilities and #PurpleLightUp 2020 we’ve created a poster and video summaries of 10 essential points in the employment journey of a staff member who has a disability where digital accessibility is key to enabling them to thrive.

The Hassell Inclusion Way: Our unique approach
has 5 keys which will unlock
your organisation’s accessibility potential

The Hassell Inclusion Way is a simple, proven and manageable approach for embedding accessibility into the way you work. It makes it clear where you are on your journey, and what you need to do next, to ensure that accessibility is baked into the heart of your organisation and products.

Our Most Popular Services

  • We provide three options: our new Snapshot Audit, our unique Live Accessibility Audit, and a prioritised WCAG Compliance Audit. Our Live Audit is an interactive review with your team which finds accessibility issues in your key customer journeys, allows you to document them in your bug-tracking system and even be fixed in the room. It’s quicker and more empowering for your product teams. And we can also train your QA staff to do full audits themselves.

  • A set of courses to empower and equip key members of the product team - for product managers, business analysts, designers, developers, content authors, QA testers, auditors, user testers and more. Choose which are most important to you, to ensure you deliver accessibility every time.

  • Accessibility Maturity Benchmarking

    Key: Expand Awareness

    We provide two ways of benchmarking your current level of accessibility maturity: benchmarking your organisation’s accessibility processes, and benchmarking a key product to check their results

  • A short workshop to help you build the case for, and put inclusion and accessibility right into the heart of your digital products, understand what it takes to embed this across your organisation, and how to use the benefits of digital accessibility to meet your organisation’s business goals. We can deliver a bespoke workshop, or you can attend a public workshop - both can be delivered remotely.


  • Accessibility Strategy Review

    Key: Embed Strategy

    We offer strategic review and analysis for organisations with multiple digital products, and for those with a single product. Both include a strategic review of the product(s), accessibility policies and processes, and provide recommendations and support for implementation.

  • Accessibility Champions

    Key: Embed Strategy

    A comprehensive programme for key staff who you want to become digital accessibility advocates within your organisation. Delivers training and support for implementing your accessibility strategy across its component parts: responsibility, competence and confidence, suppliers, policies and governance.

  • Expert Accessibility Support

    Key: Enable Process

    To build on your training, and help you with applying it on your projects we provide embedded expert support, via: on-call email response over the course of a project, or scheduled remote or on-site surgeries for your team to drop in and talk through issues with our specialists.

  • Inclusive User Testing

    Key: Enable Process

    We provide two options, we can do inclusive user testing for you, or add testing with disabled people to the user testing you’re already doing. And we can also train your user testers to do this themselves.

  • Accessibility ROI Workshop

    Key: Measure Effects

    A workshop that looks at the different elements of return on investment from accessibility, and how to identify and measure which are most important for your organisation. For example: value of increasing customers, positive PR, minimising customer complaints, and the value of being able to sell services into markets where accessibility is a procurement requirement.

  • Accessibility ROI Programme

    Key: Measure Effects

    A programme which builds on the Accessibility ROI Workshop, supporting you to introduce mechanisms to measure and analyse your key return on investment elements.

  • Accessibility Support Community

    Key: Continually Evolve

    Become part of our Accessibility Support Community to keep up to date with advances in accessibility standards and assistive technologies.

  • A programme to help your digital teams think differently by engaging with disabled people's needs, inspiring them to deliver innovations in your proposals and products.

Train with us: Hassell Inclusion Academy

At Hassell Inclusion we train over 1,000 people every year, both remotely and on-site. We deliver organisational transformation by training and upskilling your teams to deliver sustainable and repeatable in-house digital accessibility competence.

What Our Clients Say

  • Bequeathed: We already had an audit with lots of things we ought to do. It didn't say what to do in terms of what we needed to achieve. We needed an expert to help us define what our accessibility objective was, to work with us on a plan to actually achieve this goal, and to provide the appropriate support during the project. What we really liked about Hassell Inclusion was that they changed our culture - training and supporting us to make accessibility part and parcel of how we approach our workload, not just during the project timeframe, but for the future...
    Pier Thomas, Chief Operating Officer, Bequeathed
  • Tearfund: Working with Hassell Inclusion enabled us to really understand the user experience and business impact of accessibility issues on our sites, and to fix them. It was a great-value, informative and worthwhile experience.
    Hannah Graham, Head of Digital, Tearfund
  • Galaxkey: The advantage of working with Hassell Inclusion was their executives understand the software development process. This made the entire experience seamless for our team to understand and then implement. The last thing any software product company needs is to redesign everything. But the solutions provided by Hassell were easy to implement and super practical.
    CEO, Galaxkey
  • Global brand: We’re always eager to learn from organisations that inspire us. So we were excited about Jonathan bringing us his experience from the BBC. The lunch & learn and workshop were extremely useful and insightful in opening our eyes to what we had to gain from accessibility. It was a great start to helping us incorporate accessibility within our ways of working.
    UX designer, Global brand
  • Payfont: We were delighted to work with the creators of BS 8878 to achieve our goal of compliance with such a crucial standard to include our missing 20% of users - in tandem this has allowed us to implement a solid foundation on which we can continue to develop our commitment to our wider and longer term accessibility and usability aims within our products. Throughout, it was a pleasure working with Jonathan and his team to achieve this.
    Sophie Lanc, Head of Creative Technologies, Payfont
  • Scope: Because of Hassell Inclusion’s comprehensive accessibility training, we now have a team who are far more confident on how to deliver accessible digital experiences. Our new in-house expertise means in future we can test the accessibility of all of Scope’s digital platforms without having to pay for outside help.
    Ceri Balston, Head of Digital, Scope
  • BBC: Jonathan was a pleasure to work with at the BBC. I enjoyed my time with him and he always delivered. Even under the enormous budgetary & experience challenges we faced together.
    Richard Titus, (Forrmer) Head of User Experience & Design, BBC
  • Reflex Arc: When we started working with Hassell Inclusion to help students with communication difficulties, I never thought it would give me experience and skills that would help me create innovative mainstream VR experiences for the likes of Reebok. This is where thinking differently has got us. It’s been quite a journey...
    Richard England, Director, Reflex Arc

Who We Have Helped

  • Scope
  • Mirum
  • New Look
  • Science Museum
  • Canon
  • Google
  • HSBC
  • BBC
  • Argos
  • Pearson
  • AnalogFolk
  • The Telegraph