Empowering organisations globally to embed digital accessibility

At Hassell Inclusion we’re passionate about removing barriers in digital technology, making it accessible to everyone.

That’s why we work with you to activate and embed digital accessibility into both your organisation and products, to help you meet your business goals.

Why Digital Inclusion?

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At Hassell Inclusion we’re passionate about digital accessibility.

It’s about enabling inclusive web and app user experiences for everyone.

So why should you care about inclusion?

Take these 100 ordinary people…

  • 6 may have difficulty hearing this video
  • 11 may have difficulty reading or even seeing the words
  • 4 may have difficulty using a mouse
  • 18 are likely to be older and may be developing a mixture of all these difficulties
  • And these 5 people who are colour blind and can’t see the colours of these dots like everyone else, so may miss some of the information

Many more may not have an impairment but they will care about someone who does: children, parents, siblings, or a friend.

Or you may have a temporary impairment and use voice recognition if you’ve broken your arm, or when you’re cooking.

People, just like you and me, who can’t finish their online shop, research their family holiday, or do their banking on their phone.

At Hassell Inclusion we’re experts in digital accessibility.

We help you to not just fix a problem, but to embed solutions in your organisation.

Hassell Inclusion – access for everyone.

The 5 keys to the Hassell Inclusion Way: Expand Awareness, Embed Strategy, Enable Process, Measure Effects, Continually Evolve

The Hassell Inclusion Way:

Our unique approach
has 5 keys which will unlock
your organisation’s accessibility potential

The Hassell Inclusion Way is a simple, proven and manageable approach for embedding accessibility into the way you work. It makes it clear where you are on your journey, and what you need to do next, to ensure that accessibility is baked into the heart of your organisation and products.

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Hassell Inclusion Academy

At Hassell Inclusion we trained over 1,000 people in 2018 alone.

The Hassell Inclusion Academy helps deliver organisational transformation by training and upskilling your teams to deliver sustainable and repeatable in-house digital accessibility competence.

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