Hassell Inclusion – all about removing barriers…

Hassell Inclusion is an inclusion and accessibility consultancy founded and directed by internationally renowned accessibility expert Professor Jonathan Hassell

Our aim is to identify and remove barriers to the use of digital products by the 20% of the population who are disabled and 40% of the population who are elderly, to ensure that all people, whatever their abilities or disabilities, are able to enjoy the benefits of digital technologies.

Hassell Inclusion provides:

  • strategic thought-leadership in inclusion and accessibility;
  • training and consultancy to embed inclusion in organisations’ business-as-usual processes;
  • leadership to set national and international inclusion standards; and
  • facilitation of innovation in inclusion.

Why is inclusion important?


Brands we have helped

Science Museum Pearson Payfont New Look Mirum HSBC Google Canon BBC AnalogFolkThe Space