Delivering Accessible Products

  • 2 x 3.5 hour sessions via Zoom
  • Laptop required
  • £350 + VAT (offer til end of 2020)
  • Max. 15 students

Enables Product Managers, Project Managers and Business Analysts to understand how to play their role in embedding accessibility efficiently throughout the software development lifecycle for sites and apps. Uses case studies of how real projects have got into difficulty in delivering accessibility to understand how to get it right in requirements analysis, test strategy, sprint and launch planning.

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You will learn how to...

Build your knowledge of accessibility in projects through 4 modules covering:

  • how to effectively embed accessibility efficiently in scoping, planning, monitoring and delivering accessibility in your project
  • how to create an accessibility strategy that is right for your product in your company culture
  • the benefits of accessibility for your business and product
  • what your role is in embedding accessibility into the software development lifecycle

Who is it for?

Suitable for Product Managers, Project Managers and Business Analysts, to effectively play your role in planning, monitoring and delivering accessibility efficiently throughout the software development lifecycle


To you

  • Understand how to deliver accessibility right for your specific product, whether it's a public website, your mobile app, or an internal digital tool for your teams
  • Plan accessibility into your sprint and test plans so you are able to steer the accessibility conversation during development, stop wasting money by testing accessibility too late, and maximise the likelihood of delivering an inclusive design
  • You will get a copy of our book ‘Inclusive Design for Products’, based on the ISO 30071-1 standard

To your organisation

  • Prioritise the results of accessibility testing when you can’t fix everything, in a practical, risk-sensitive way
  • Balance the completing pressures of launch deadlines and accessibility quality, while mitigating legal and PR risks
  • Turn accessibility from a stress and add-on to a planned part of all your products
  • A key step on your journey to becoming ISO 30071-1 Ready



  • There are no prerequisites for attending this course, other than having practical experience of using Digital Product & Project Management concepts such as the software development lifecycle, agile, scrum, sprints, backlogs and launch planning


  • Laptop required for Zoom and so you can participate in the key training exercises

Meet one of our trainersAbout Jonathan

Jonathan is one of the world's top digital usability & accessibility thought leaders. He has over 19 years’ experience in identifying new directions and challenges in digital accessibility, finding best practice process and technology solutions, authoring international standards and presenting best practices to conference audiences across the world. He has just delivered the new International Accessibility Standard ISO 30071-1, which is based on the British Accessibility Standards BS 8878 …

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Jonathan Hassell

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