Marketing Creatives

  • 2 x 3.5 hour sessions via Zoom
  • Laptop required
  • Bespoke price on application
  • Max. 20 students

Enables marketing creatives to understand accessibility principles, and how to design cross-channel campaign materials inclusively across multiple media types (not just the web).

The course takes creatives through an understanding of why accessibility is essential in campaigns to get your message across to everyone. It introduces the principles of accessibility for different elements of campaigns (colour, text and images).

It then goes through how the principles should be used to design cross-channel campaigns across all modern campaign media types, including: social media, press releases (and other documents), PDF reports, emails, banner ads, print ads, print and video posters, broadcast and online video, audio ads and podcasts, and websites.

You will learn how to...

Design multi-channel marketing campaigns which are inclusive without sacrificing creativity or aesthetic appeal

  • Introduction to accessibility for marketing agencies – who it impacts and why it’s important
  • How to assure accessibility across multi-channel campaigns and throughout the campaign creation process (brief to pitch to delivery)
  • Understanding of the key accessibility requirements of design elements: Colour, Text, and Images
  • How to to use the essentials to assure accessibility in different media types that are regularly part of a campaign

Who is it for?

Anyone who designs
digital or print campaign materials


To you

  • Understand the range of people that benefit from accessible design
  • Understand the key challenges of inclusive design, and how to balance compliance with standards with creativity and aesthetics
  • Understand standards for accessible design: WCAG 2.1 AA for the web, and lesser-known design standards for print and broadcast media
  • Provide an in depth review of checkpoints that impact design, including practical accessibility critique and discussion of designs
  • Utilise accessibility tools and checklists to test your own work

To your organisation

  • Gain confidence that you know how to design campaign materials which are accessible as well as beautiful
  • Understand how to balance accessibility with other brand/client requirements and how to talk with clients about any trade-offs



  • Completion of a pre-course learning questionnaire on the types of media types used in your organisation.


  • Bring your own laptop to the session (PC or Mac)

Meet one of our trainersAbout Jon

Jon has over 15 years’ experience in accessibility and usability, working for a wide range of multinational organisations across the mobile, finance and energy sectors. With a background in Psychology and Information systems, Jon is passionate about enabling everyone to use technology effectively in their day-to-day lives. He creates accessibility solutions that are practical, elegant and human centred. Jon explains accessibility in real-world terms that focus on finding the optimal balance be…

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Jon Gooday

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