QA Testers

  • 4 x 3.5 hour sessions via Zoom
  • Laptop required
  • Bespoke price on application
  • Max. 20 students

Enables QA testers to progressively introduce elements of WCAG testing into their work, providing a fully comprehensive training programme for QA testers. It covers the WCAG Success Criteria, including testing with screen readers and on mobile devices.

Our 2-part QA testers course delivers a fully comprehensive training program enabling them to test websites for all the WCAG 2.1 level AA Success Criteria, including testing with screen readers and on mobile devices.

Part 1 progressively introduces elements of WCAG testing into QA testers’ work, stripping away the complexities of WCAG to introduce a core set of its Success Criteria or checkpoints. Using a set of simple accessibility test methodologies, they will learn how to integrate them with their current test scripts while a site is being built. This allows accessibility errors to be found throughout the build process when it’s more cost-effective to fix them.

Part 2 builds on Part 1 to provide a fully comprehensive training program for QA testers. It covers the rest of the WCAG Success Criteria, including testing with screen readers on iOS and Android mobile devices.

You will learn how to...

Integrate accessibility tests into your QA testing - practical guidance on what accessibility testing is and how to do it

  • An introduction to accessibility, WCAG and the purpose of accessibility testing
  • Introduction to a core set of accessibility tools including the NVDA desktop screen reader
  • For each of 19 Success Criteria: an introduction to the requirement; guidance on how best to test it; examples of passes/fails; practical hands-on testing and discussion of the results
  • How to prioritise defects in your reporting
  • Covering how to test all the remaining WCAG 2.1 AA Success Criteria
  • How to set up screen readers on Apple (iOS) and Android devices and learn all the key screen reader gestures to enable effective testing
  • Note: While the main focus is on testing desktop and mobile web, testing native mobile apps will also be covered

Who is it for?

Suitable for any QA testers who want to gain a solid foundation in how to test sites on desktop and mobile for accessibility issues. It will also benefit Product Owners, Business Analysts or anyone who wants the knowledge to reliably and quickly test the accessibility of their products.


To you

  • Ability to efficiently test websites against WCAG checkpoints throughout the development lifecycle
  • Efficiently test your websites for all WCAG checkpoints on desktop and mobile

To your organisation

  • Identify accessibility issues earlier, reducing fix cost, time and stress
  • Minimise risk of litigation by finding issues early
  • Developing in-house expertise reduces reliance on external auditors for testing websites against WCAG 2.1 AA



  • General knowledge of QA testing of websites


  • Laptop required for Zoom, and so you can participate in the key training exercises

Meet one of our trainersAbout Usman

Usman is a hugely experienced front-end developer and accessibility specialist.

His background is in the strategic development of component libraries and full websites, for the likes, of LoveFilm, Pearson Education, Corbis Images, Action on Hearing Loss, BCSG, and Living Group.

He has brought accessibility as a value and skill to his development, and that of his teams, since 2008. For UK Parliament, he led, managed and mentored a team of engineers within a multi-disciplinary environment wi…

Find out more about Usman

Usman Afzal

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