Accessibility Champions

  • 12 months Webex or face-to-face
  • Laptop required
  • Bespoke price on application
  • 10-20 students

A comprehensive programme for key staff who you want to become digital accessibility advocates within your organisation. Via 1 session per month, for 12 months, this delivers training and support for implementing your accessibility strategy across its component parts: responsibility, competence and confidence, suppliers, policies and governance.

Only currently available bespoke.

Please contact us to book or ask any questions.

You will learn how to...

Appreciate all technical, strategic and operational aspects of accessibility, through a 12 month programme

  • Become an advocate for accessibility across the business – and a Subject Matter Expert (SME)
  • How to think strategically about accessibility – specifically how to embed it in polices, practices and procedures
  • Learn hands on how to test for each of the WCAG 2.1 AA criteria
  • Optional mentoring and projects between sessions

Who is it for?

Up to 20 passionate people in your organisation, who have the potential to significantly impact the accessibility of your digital products, with the right training and development


To you

  • Get unskilled in all aspects of accessibility
  • Become accredited by Hassell Inclusion as an Accessibility Auditor

To your organisation

  • Increased effectiveness of each Champion to act as a local accessibility advisor to provide strategic accessibility advice to influence and support accessibility across projects
  • Increased capability for each Champion who completes the programme to perform accessibility audits on websites and mobile apps



  • There are no prerequisites for attending this course, other than a passion for accessibility, and general knowledge of your organisation's digital production policies and processes.


  • Laptop required for the Webex and so you can participate in the key training exercises

Meet one of our trainersAbout Jon

Jon has over 15 years’ experience in accessibility and usability, working for a wide range of multinational organisations across the mobile, finance and energy sectors. With a background in Psychology and Information systems, Jon is passionate about enabling everyone to use technology effectively in their day-to-day lives. He creates accessibility solutions that are practical, elegant and human centred. Jon explains accessibility in real-world terms that focus on finding the optimal balance be…

Find out more about Jon

Jon's latest thought leadership

Jon Gooday

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