Marketing Campaign Managers

  • 1 x 3.5 hour session via Zoom
  • Laptop required
  • Bespoke price on application
  • Max. 20 students

Provides strategic & practical guidance to enable marketing campaign managers and account managers to manage and assure the accessibility of materials delivered in their campaigns.

The course takes managers through how to embed accessibility into the campaign management process (from brief to creative response, through production to delivery of campaign materials), and the acceptance criteria of campaign materials.

It introduces them to the key accessibility requirements for cross-channel campaigns across all modern campaign media types, including: social media, press releases (and other documents), PDF reports, emails, banner ads, print ads, print and video posters, broadcast and online video, audio ads and podcasts, and websites.

You will learn how to...

Assure the accessibility of materials delivered in campaigns through embedding accessibility into the campaign management process

  • Embed accessibility into campaign briefs, creative responses, production and delivery
  • Develop accessibility acceptance criteria for ensuring campaigns connect with everyone in your target audiences
  • Review accessibility requirements for cross-channel campaigns across modern media types, including: social media, press releases, PDFs, emails, banner ads, print ads, print & video posters, broadcast & online video, audio ads & podcasts, and websites

Who is it for?

Anyone who writes campaign briefs to send to marketing agencies and manages the resulting campaigns.
Account managers in marketing agencies who write creative briefs and manage the production of creative campaign materials for clients. 


To you

  • You will better understand how people with disabilities consume campaign materials, and how to embed their needs into the campaign process to ensure messages reach all audiences
  • You will better understand how to review ideas, concepts and full deliverables from creatives for accessibility. 

To your organisation

  • You will gain confidence in how to ask for accessibility from suppliers; how to include it in pitches to clients; and how to check for it in deliverables. 
  • You will gain confidence in how to work with your creative teams to ensure creative ideas you pitch to clients, and the materials you deliver if you win the work, balance creativity, aesthetics and accessibility. 



  • Knowledge of your Marketing campaign creation process
  • No prior knowledge of accessibility required


  • Bring your own laptop to the session (PC or Mac)

Meet one of our trainersAbout Jonathan

Jonathan is one of the world's top digital usability & accessibility thought leaders. He has over 19 years’ experience in identifying new directions and challenges in digital accessibility, finding best practice process and technology solutions, authoring international standards and presenting best practices to conference audiences across the world. He has just delivered the new International Accessibility Standard ISO 30071-1, which is based on the British Accessibility Standards BS 8878 …

Find out more about Jonathan

Jonathan's latest thought leadership

Jonathan Hassell

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