Hassell Inclusion provides services in:

  • training and consultancy to embed inclusion in your organisation:
    • providing training and consultancy to digital organisations who wish to embed accessibility in their business as usual processes to ensure their products are able to be used by as many of their potential audience as possible – based around British Standard 8878
    • providing organisations the tools to help them do this efficiently
    • collecting and sharing case-studies of large and small organisations doing this embedding
    • creating communities to help organisations implementing BS8878 engage with others doing the same thing
  • accessibility strategy:
    • identifying inclusion challenges and opportunities in technology trends – identifying where new technologies can help inclusion; identifying where it is going to be challenging to make new technologies available for all
  • creation of best-practice standards and compliance checking against them:
    • helping organisations interpret existing web accessibility standards, and how the standards should impact on their production methodologies
    • helping organisations prove their compliance with BS8878
    • helping organisations create new standards
    • helping organisations get their views represented in national and international standards creation
  • innovation through inclusion, beyond inclusion and reverse inclusion:
    • bringing experts together to propose innovative R&D solutions to address challenging issues for inclusion, based on user research
    • finding funding models to finance the creation of new technologies and techniques from those proposals
    • management of projects to successful delivery
    • making the solutions available to the widest audiences at the lowest sustainable costs