Measure Effects

We know that ensuring accessibility doesn’t just open up your digital products to everyone, there’s a business benefit too. It’s about building a better product, not just a compliant one.

Measuring the effect of the accessibility improvements you make is essential, whether it’s on your customers, your brand reputation, or bottom line. We can help you identify and measure KPIs for success.

If you know your accessibility journey’s been worth it, then you’ll continue it.

Measure Effects

How We Can Help

  • Accessibility ROI Workshop

    A workshop that looks at the different elements of return on investment from accessibility, and how to identify and measure which are most important for your organisation. For example: value of increasing customers, positive PR, minimising customer complaints, and the value of being able to sell services into markets where accessibility is a procurement requirement.

  • Accessibility ROI Programme

    A programme which builds on the Accessibility ROI Workshop, supporting you to introduce mechanisms to measure and analyse your key return on investment elements.

What you’ll get to measure effects

  • Advice on ROI methodologies and measurement tools for your organisation
  • Help to embed these to provide evidence of digital accessibility benefits