Why does digital inclusion matter?

Accessibility is not about avoiding losing. It’s about everybody winning

Read Jonathan Hassell's books on ISO 30071-1:

Inclusive Design for Organisations and Products – Including your missing 20% by embedding web and mobile accessibility

“For someone who wants to begin the process of implementing accessibility practice into their organisation, I see these books as essential”
Jennison Asuncion, Founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The 2nd editions of our books are now available, updated for ISO 30071-1. They will take you on a journey to transform your organisation to consistently achieve the creation of websites and mobile apps that are usable for all your customers, at the most efficient cost.

Why We Do What We Do

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of digital technology.

Our Values

  • Passionate. We love digital.
  • Respectful. Of people and culture.
  • Integrity. We do the right thing.
  • Generous. In all we do.
  • Innovative. We find a better way.

Here at Hassell Inclusion we can proudly say that we are a responsible British business that gives back to national and international communities. Hassell Inclusion supports the reduction of inequalities in society through the values in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

We commit a percentage of our profits towards the activities of our designated charities that help provide access to physical rehabilitation, education & employment to people with disabilities in the third world.