Why does digital inclusion matter? Accessibility is not about avoiding losing. It’s about everybody winning

At Hassell Inclusion we’ve identified 4 ways organisations can benefit from digital accessibility.

20% of the global population has a permanent disability, and in an ageing society, an additional 20% have a progress impairment. That’s 4 out of 10 people who need accessible solutions [Sources: Family Resources Survey for financial year 2016/17 and Overview of the UK Population: November 2018]

Financial benefits: In the service sector, every customer interactions costs 17p online, £5 through a call centre, or £14 in branch. Accessibility means you can minimise the costs of customer-service by enabling everyone to use it online. How could you reduce costs and improve your service with accessibility? [Source: UK Government stats shared by James Hall, HeX Productions at London Accessibility Meetup, 24 Sep 2018]

Ethical benefits: Only 30% of organisations have accessible websites [Source: Stats from Business Disability Forum e-check, since 2008]. But most say inclusion is one of their values. If you’re not delivering accessibility, you’re probably not doing what you say. Are you living up to your organisation’s values?

Legal benefits: In the USA, there were more than two thousand litigation cases in 2018 [Source: 2018 ADA Web Accessibility Recap Report]. Accessibility legislation and appetite for litigation differs in different countries; but cases are increasing and the costs are real. Are you at risk?

Innovation benefits: Voice recognition started as an aid for people with motor impairments [Source: Q&A with Kurzweil’s Ray Kurzweil], but it morphed into something much bigger. Designing for all your users is a challenge, but innovation can be the result. Great things can come from thinking differently. How could accessibility make you more innovative?

Why settle for 60% when you can have 100%? We see digital accessibility as an opportunity to drive your business… not something that will hold it back.

You’ll be in good company – accessibility is in the C-suite of some of the world’s top companies: google, Apple, Yahoo, AT&T, Microsoft and IBM.

How can digital accessibility help you meet your business goals? What’s your ISO 30071-1 Digital Accessibility Maturity Score?

If you don’t know where you are, how can you plan for where you’re going?

Based on the new Standard ISO 30071-1, discover your organisations’s Digital Accessibility Maturity score today using our free Scorecard, to:

  • gain clarity on where the gaps are in your accessibility practices,
  • receive personalised advice based on your result on how to improve your score in each of 9 dimensions of accessibility maturity, and
  • stop wasting your time and money focusing on the wrong things…


Both books side by side.

Read Jonathan Hassell's books on ISO 30071-1: Inclusive Design for Organisations and Products – Including your missing 20% by embedding web and mobile accessibility

“For someone who wants to begin the process of implementing accessibility practice into their organisation, I see these books as essential”
Jennison Asuncion, Founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day

The 2nd editions of our books are now available, updated for ISO 30071-1. They will take you on a journey to transform your organisation to consistently achieve the creation of websites and mobile apps that are usable for all your customers, at the most efficient cost.

ISO 30071-1: New International
Digital Accessibility Standard

The ISO 30071-1 Code of practice for Creating Accessible ICT products and Services is an international, process-oriented Standard enabling organisations to embed accessibility as business as usual.

The new Standard extends and supersedes its predecessor,
British Standard BS 8878.

Our CEO, Jonathan Hassell, led the creation of both ISO 30071-1 and BS 8878 as part of Hassell Inclusion’s commitment to share our years of accessibility experience with the widest audience, and to have the greatest impact on accessibility internationally.

Why We Do What We Do

Our Vision

Our vision is to ensure that everyone is able to enjoy the benefits of digital technology.

Our Values

  • Passionate. We love digital.
  • Respectful. Of people and culture.
  • Integrity. We do the right thing.
  • Dedicated and Generous. In all we do.
  • Entrepreneurial and Innovative. We find a better way.

Here at Hassell Inclusion we can proudly say that we are a responsible British business that gives back to national and international communities. Hassell Inclusion supports the reduction of inequalities in society through the values in our Corporate Social Responsibility policy.

We commit a percentage of our profits towards the activities of our designated charities that help provide access to physical rehabilitation, education & employment to people with disabilities in the third world.