Enable Process

Of course we can help you fix a problem in your product, but the fact is you need to fix the problem in the process to prevent it reoccurring.

Our unique Train-Support-Test approach helps you to get accessibility right, rather than telling you what you’ve got wrong. It supports you as the product is developed, ensuring that when the product is tested it is accessible, which leaves your team empowered and upskilled.

Embedding accessibility as a way of thinking throughout your product development process will enable you to get it right, and get it right every time. This won’t just save you stress, it will save you money.

Embedding process is the second part of what’s needed to comply with
ISO 30071-1.

Enable Process

How We Can Help

  • We provide three options: our new Snapshot Audit, our unique Live Accessibility Audit, and a prioritised WCAG Compliance Audit. Our Live Audit is an interactive review with your team which finds accessibility issues in your key customer journeys, allows you to document them in your bug-tracking system and even be fixed in the room. It’s quicker and more empowering for your product teams. And we can also train your QA staff to do full audits themselves.

  • Inclusive User Testing

    We provide two options, we can do inclusive user testing for you, or add testing with disabled people to the user testing you’re already doing. And we can also train your user testers to do this themselves.

  • A set of courses to empower and equip key members of the product team - for product managers, business analysts, designers, developers, content authors, QA testers, auditors, user testers and more. Choose which are most important to you, to ensure you deliver accessibility every time.

  • Expert Accessibility Support

    To build on your training, and help you with applying it on your projects we provide embedded expert support, via: on-call email response over the course of a project, or scheduled remote or on-site surgeries for your team to drop in and talk through issues with our specialists.

What you’ll get to enable your process

  • Accessibility-confident product teams
  • Embedded repeatable accessibility in your product process
  • Testing and support to make your products accessible
  • Essential progress towards compliance with ISO 30071-1