Expand Awareness

Expanding your team’s thinking about how you can benefit from accessibility is essential. In short, if you don’t know why you’re doing it, then you won’t do it.

Your organisation needs to understand what it is and why you should do it. From there, you need know where you are on your accessibility journey and what your next best step is.

You might be wondering whether you’re doing a good enough job and if you could do better, or perhaps you need to get people on board to be able to start at all.

Expand Awareness

How We Can Help

  • A short workshop to help you build the case for, and put inclusion and accessibility right into the heart of your digital products, understand what it takes to embed this across your organisation, and how to use the benefits of digital accessibility to meet your organisation’s business goals. We can deliver a bespoke workshop, or you can attend a public workshop - both can be delivered remotely.


  • Accessibility Maturity Benchmarking

    We provide two ways of benchmarking your current level of accessibility maturity: benchmarking your organisation’s accessibility processes, and benchmarking a key product to check their results

What you’ll get to expand your awareness

  • A clear view of how inclusion can impact your business goals
  • Broadening awareness of digital accessibility within your organisation
  • Understanding of where your accessibility strengths and weaknesses are
  • Confidence in getting organisational buy-in for your next steps