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Is input type=”date” ready for use in accessible websites?

One of the ‘new’ HTML5 elements – input type=”date” – was intended to simplify the collection of dates on websites, and to reduce user errors whilst doing so. So is it well supported? And does using it help make forms more accessible? We took date inputs for a test drive with different browsers and assistive technologies to see how usable the control is now. Here are the results…

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Beyond Inclusion and Reverse Inclusion: how fully engaging with the needs of disabled and elderly people can turbo-charge innovation and profitability

Two weeks ago BBC Something Special launched a great set of ‘Out and About’ web games for children with learning difficulties. This is the latest in a ‘Beyond Inclusion’ category of websites which are aimed at the particular needs and capabilities of specific disabled audiences. Going deeper into really listening and designing for the wide range of needs of disabled and elderly people can be very challenging. But innovation often follows a challenge. And innovation is the lifeblood of most successful companies. The world regularly becomes a better place for everyone when we concentrate on taking the needs of disabled and older people more seriously. Over history, there are many examples of these ‘Beyond Inclusion’ products becoming mainstream successes. And, yes, there is money to be made…

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