Mastering Accessibility Statements, ACRS, VPATs, Documentation & Metadata

Accessibility Statements are often used by organisations as an alternative to making their websites accessible.

However, they were originally created to help improve the communication between organisations and users of their websites or apps who have disabilities.

In this webinar, Jonathan Hassell, who wrote the initial guidance for accessibility statements in BS 8878, discusses what statements are for, who they are for, why the rules for writing them differ in different countries, and how best to write them to mitigate legal and regulatory threats.

He alsos clarifies the differences and similarities between them and VPATs and Accessibility Conformance Reports for B2B communications, where vendors are trying to sell the accessibility conformance and features of a digital tool or SAAS.

Finally, he discusses how documenting your digital product or service’s accessibility functionality may be mandated by the European Accessibility Act, and can help you promote the results of your accessibility work to people with disabilities, to bring you Return on Investment from it.

If you’d like to talk with us about how we could help you write or improve your Accessibility Statement or Accessibility Conformance Report, please do get in touch.

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Want to know more about our Audits?

We offer 2 types of audits at Hassell Inclusion, firstly a Standard Accessibility Audit which works to the WCAG 2.1 or WCAG 2.2 AA guidelines, and our unique Live Accessibility Audit which is a more tailored approach to your organisation, focussing on user journeys and working with your teams directly. Both audit types give you a prioritised action plan – a really useful tool to know where to start with any fixes.

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