Why & how to communicate your accessibility successes
(just doing good work is not enough)

We spend a lot of time helping organisations plan for improving accessibility, getting their key stakeholders organisation on board, securing the budget, and aiding them develop Accessibility Centres of Excellence to drive consistent accessibility delivery and more.

But as you do this where you work, once you’ve achieved some of these milestones, how can you ensure your improved accessibility credentials are communicated as a benefit to your organisation, internally and externally?

In the last few years, we’ve seen (and driven) a rise in the recognition that accessibility is receiving publicly, in the Press and in Awards.

So, in this webinar we discuss how your organisation can get a piece of this growing interest in how organisations are delivering accessibility, and why communicating about the accessibility work you do could be as important as the work itself.

  • Why communicating your accessibility wins is essential to attract users to use your website, app or tool
  • Why it’s also essential for gaining continued buy-in from your internal stakeholders, and to encourage your team
  • How to create an accessibility comms strategy and plan, leveraging opportunities like GAAD
  • Hints and tips on how to enter and win awards for accessibility – the key way to gain external recognition for your work

Have a look and see how you can improve your accessibility recognition.

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3 wooden blocks spelling out ROI

Want to measure your ROI from Accessibility?

Ensuring accessibility doesn’t just open up your digital products to everyone, there’s a business benefit too. It’s about building a better product, not just a compliant one.

Measuring the impact of the accessibility improvements you make is also essential, whether it’s on your customers, your brand reputation, or your bottom line. If you know your accessibility journey’s been worth it, then you’ll continue it.

Find out more about our ROI workshops and how they can help your organisation. We can help you identify and measure KPIs for success.

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