2022 Trends in Digital Accessibility

As another extraordinary year ends which has seen even greater pressure to get digital accessibility right, and more organisations working hard to do just that, what have we learned in 2021 and how will that impact the coming 12 months?

How are changing consumer and business needs impacting inclusive design? How are changes in the technologies we use to consume the web, social media and marketing campaigns changing accessibility? What does it mean for your organisation as inclusion gains more traction?

In this webinar, our CEO Jonathan Hassell shares key insights including:

  • changes in consumer behaviour, in general, and for people with disabilities
  • the increasing business drivers and company commitments for accessibility globally
  • how changes in how existing laws are used are expanding accessibility further into procurement of tools for staff, and beyond the web to other marketing channels
  • the latest on how tech companies are embedding accessibility in devices, OSes and processes, and what it means for how you create accessible websites, apps and social media
  • how more and more organisations are using ISO 30071-1 to create their strategic accessibility plans for 2022
  • and what you need to know about WCAG 2.2 and 3.0 this year

If you weren’t one of the 180 who watched it live, it’s an hour very well spent!

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