Together we've put inclusive design at the top of the charts! Inclusive Design for Organisations – you can still win a chance to come to our training for free

Thanks to huge numbers of people who bought the book, cheered on by a committed crew of digital accessibility supporters, ‘Inclusive Design for Organisations’ is now a #1 Best Seller in the USA and UK.

We’d like to thank everyone who has already bought the book, and to remind you that you could win a place on our ‘Making Accessible Organisations’ training (usual price £500+VAT), if you follow the instructions below. You have until midnight on Wednesday 20th November to enter.

For those of you who haven’t bought the book yet, the book’s available in print and kindle versions from amazon across the world as usual. And the competition’s open to you as well.

Those who are reading it, love it. We particularly like this review from ChoosyReader:

This is a remarkable distillation of a very complex area. Take up this approach and include inclusivity as your starting point and you’ll wonder why you didn’t always work this way.

Step 1

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Making Accessible Organisations is a 1-day course that leads you through the elements of how to embed accessibility throughout your organisation, to ensure it’s done well and consistently well across all your sites and app. It covers how to set accessibility policies, get effective training and expert support, and how to govern and measure the ROI of accessibility across your digital product portfolio.

Please email a screenshot of your review by midnight on Wednesday 20th November to enter our draw for a free place in early 2020.

About the author

Professor Jonathan Hassell has over 18 years’ experience of embedding accessibility within digital production teams in FTSE 100 and Fortune 500 companies worldwide. He set the accessibility standards and strategy for BBC Future Media, and authored ISO 30071-1 and BS 8878 to help share this best-practice with other organizations to help them get more customers by making their goods and services easily available to disabled and older people.

Praise for the books

“For someone who is looking to begin the process of implementing accessibility practice into their organisation, I see this volume as essential.”
– Jennison Asuncion, Head of Accessibility Engineering Evangelism, LinkedIn and Founder of Global Accessibility Awareness Day

“A book that should be on the shelf of every head designer or strategist of any company that sells a product or government agency that seeks to include all of its employees and constituents.”
– Elianna James , Director of Accessibility Training, Be Accessible Inc.

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