BS 8878 training and consultancy to embed inclusion into your organisation

In February 2011, when asked what they really needed to help them be effective in their inclusion goals, the Heads of Diversity & Inclusion from some of the top bluechips in Europe said one thing: they wanted to know how to strategically embed inclusion into their organisation’s culture and business-as-usual processes, rather than just doing another inclusion project.

From our experience embedding inclusion into BBC production teams for 9 years, we couldn’t agree more.

The accessibility training we provide

Hassell Inclusion provides training and consultancy to help organisations create an effective accessibility strategy by embedding inclusion into their business-as-usual processes, based on the best way we know of achieving this, which is to follow the roadmap laid out in British Standard BS 8878.

We can provide anything from places on upcoming BS 8878 training courses up to fully tailored programmes to embed inclusion in the specific culture of your organisation, including:

  • board-level advocacy to gain buy-in for the organisational changes needed to embed inclusion successfully;
  • case-studies of organisations and products that are already implementing BS 8878;
  • specific training on how BS 8878 impacts on different job roles (technical, user-experience, testing, product management, procurement);
  • guidance on implementing BS 8878 at an organisational level, setting organisational accessibility policies and guidelines;
  • guidance on following BS 8878’s production process for specific products, including guidance on BS 8878 conformance;
  • BS 8878 tools for enabling efficient accessibility policy documentation and accessibility governance

Why use us for this?

We believe BS 8878 is what all organisations need to embed inclusion into their culture and business-as-usual processes, and Professor Jonathan Hassell is the best person to train you in it, as is the lead author of the Standard and chair of its IST/45 drafting committee at the British Standards Institute.

He has presented on BS 8878 internationally, and trained people in the standard from organisations including: BBC, Royal Mail, Post Office, Allianz, AbilityNet, Lloyds Banking Group, DirectGov, HM Revenue & Customs, PWC, UBS, Central Office of Information, Microlink, Ecliptic Labs, Big Lottery Fund, Science Museum, ICT Qatar, and QNB Global.

Contact us

If you are interested in learning more about BS 8878 ‘from the horse’s mouth’ please contact us and we’ll let you know more.