Creation of best-practice standards and compliance checking against them

There are many views on standards on the web – both for and against.

However, standards are often essential for getting things to work: the way HTML standards allow websites to be presented the same way on many differing browsers; the way WAI standards enable websites, operating systems, browsers and assistive technologies to interoperate to present an accessible user experience to a user; or the way the British Web Accessibility Standards BS 8878 enable the different members of a web production team to work together to create inclusive products.

Organisations often have no choice but to comply with standards to deliver their products to market, make them work on different platforms, work with partners, or protect themselves against legal or regulatory risk.

So the challenge for most organisations is to get the best from standards:

  • embedding standards in the culture of the organisation, its policies and production tools, to achieve the benefits of being best-practice;
  • helping organisations to engage in the national or international standards-setting process to enable them to ensure standards reflect their interests as much as possible

Helping you understand and conform with existing Standards

Hassell Inclusion provides training and consultancy to:

  • help organisations interpret existing web accessibility standards (e.g. WCAG 2.0, BS 8878, WAI-ARIA, Access4All), and how the standards should impact on their production methodologies;
  • help organisations with their conformance to web accessibility standards, especially BS 8878 which we created, and provide expert advice on how standards should be applied to balance accessibility risk with other product requirements

Creating your organisation’s standards

Hassell Inclusion provides training and consultancy to:

  • help organisations create new internal standards, bringing internal staff and external research and expertise together to reach consensus on what best practice is, and guiding subject-matter experts in structuring and expressing this in terms non-experts can understand;
  • help organisations engage with external national and international Standards creation, representing the organisation’s interests in moulding the creation and updation of these standards.

Why use us for this?

Since 2002, Professor Jonathan Hassell has created some of the most useful technical and process standards for accessibility and inclusion:

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