Accessibility strategy

Much is talked about digital inclusion. And all organisations should know the opportunities and threats for how it impacts them: from government bodies wanting to know how to encourage it on a national or global level, to SMEs wanting to know what level of interest will maximise their bottom line.

Jonathan Hassell is used to providing advice on how organisations should set strategy around digital inclusion, based on quantitative and qualitative research that he has commissioned or carried out himself. You’ll see some of the results of this in the statistics and insights scattered around this site and blog.

Your strategic decisions should always be made on the best information you have available, and research is the best way of making sure that information is up-to-date and reliable.

What we provide

We can provide:

  • creation of inclusion, accessibility and inclusive design strategy – creating programmes of change and action plans for embedding accessibility in organisations, and getting management buy-in for their funding and implementation.

Why use us for this?

Professor Jonathan Hassell has much experience in setting such strategy, having created and managed the accessibility strategy for:

  • BBC jam (over 70 eLearning products, with a budget of £150m)
  • BBC Future Media & Technology (400 products across web, mobile, mobile apps, Red Button and IPTV)

He has written strategy documents, action plans and annual reports, governance mechanisms and organisational responses to industry, legal and regulatory initiatives.

As well as commissioning research on the usability and accessibility of individual BBC products such as iPlayer, the BBC News site and youview, he has commissioned and managed strategic commercial state of the art user research in areas such as:

We are able to call on the services of the following to provide such research quickly and effectively:

  • existing relationships with a roster of 6 best-of-breed user-research suppliers which we have selected via an OJEU procurement process from applications from 40 user-research agencies from across Europe
  • existing relationships with many disability charities and user-led organisations, and a history of working with them on research projects (e.g. working with RNIB on UK screenreader usage surveys; working with dyslexia organisations on MyDisplay requirements gathering, and promotion of the tool’s trial)
  • existing relationships with the range of organisations who can provide disabled participants for user-research and user-testing, including access to panels of disabled people through our network of business associates
  • existing relationships with accessibility solutions creators; and an understanding of the challenges of creating products to meet unmet user needs, having been product manager of three innovative, award-winning assistive technologies/websites for disabled people

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