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Inclusive design goes mainstream – how could you benefit from it in 2019?

Happy New Year! It’s the time of year when people look ahead to what they think is going to be important in their part of the digital world this year. So we wanted to do the same for what is going to be important in digital inclusion in 2019. Here’s the first part, about why large organisations are seeing this year as the year inclusive design goes mainstream, and why they believe it’s so important…

Routes into accessibility: how our team became experts

People arrive in accessibility from all sorts of directions. You don’t have to have a background in development, or testing. You could equally arrive from governance, user testing, or marketing. The beauty of accessibility is that it takes people with all sorts of skillsets. All you need is passion, a place to learn your skills, and a place to apply them. So we asked some of our podcast team how they arrived in accessibility, and what they love about it that makes them such passionate advocates. Here’s what they said…

The importance of process: why you may be wasting some of your spend on accessibility

Is accessibility becoming an important part of your digital product development? Something that you’re spending increasing time and effort on? In this blog, Hassell Inclusion’s CEO Jonathan Hassell interviews Debra Ruh from Ruh Global Communications on how embedding accessibility in your processes may be more effective than just chasing compliance – anything else is just not sustainable