Hassell Inclusion – all about removing barriers…

Photo of Jonathan HassellHassell Inclusion is a London-based digital inclusion and accessibility consultancy founded and directed by internationally renowned accessibility expert Professor Jonathan Hassell.

Our aim is to identify and remove barriers to the use of digital products by the 20% of the population who are disabled and elderly, to ensure that all people, whatever their abilities or disabilities, are able to enjoy the benefits of digital technologies.

We do this by:

  • carrying out research into the needs of disabled and elderly people and how emerging technology directions create challenges and opportunities to supporting those needs;
  • identifying strategies to mitigate those challenges and exploit those opportunities;
  • setting international standards for embedding inclusion in organisations’ business-as-usual policies and processes;
  • training organisations in introducing this best practice in their specific context and culture, to maximise their chances of creating products which are usable by everyone;
  • creating innovative solutions for removing particularly difficult or expensive barriers to inclusion, and finding commercial models to make them cheaply and globally available to organisations;
  • finding ways of encouraging and enabling more disabled and elderly people to embrace digital technologies which could enhance their inclusion and active participation in society

Our typical clients come from all web product genres and technology platforms, worldwide, and include: the BBC, Royal Mail, the Law Society, BIS, Big Lottery Fund, TechDis, the Science Museum, the Open University, DirectGov and ictQatar.

They value our business-led approach to issues of inclusion, helping them understand the business case for why it makes sense, and the practical steps they can take to allow the greatest number of people to use their digital products.

Why is inclusion important?

Jonathan Hassell, Director

Photo of Jonathan Hassell

Professor Jonathan Hassell is a thought leader in inclusion, with 10 years experience of embedding accessibility within digital production teams and sharing best practice at international conferences.

He is the lead author of BS 8878 – the British Standards on embedding accessibility within organisations’ business-as-usual policies and processes – and chairs its drafting committee, IST/45.

He is the Former Head of Usability & Accessibility, BBC Future Media where he combined usability and accessibility disciplines to support user-centred-design across web, mobile and IPTV.

He has won awards for product managing: the accessibility features of BBC iPlayer, the personalisation tool MyDisplay, and the accessibility information site My Web, My Way.

Through ‘Hassell Inclusion’ he sets best-practice international standards, provides inclusion research and strategy, provides training and consultancy to organisations worldwide, and leads innovation projects to make inclusion easier and cheaper to implement.